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Residential Roofing

Without a doubt, residential roof repairs and replacements are our bread and butter. Our experienced roofers can diagnose problems and develop effective, affordable strategies quickly. If a repair is possible, we will get right to work on it to ensure that the structural integrity of your roof remains intact. If we determine that the roof needs to be replaced entirely, we will work with you to come up with the most economical and practical solution.

Because we rely on high-quality shingles and other materials from today's leading brands, our results are consistently impeccable. We do not believe in cutting corners, and that's evident in the quality of our work. When replacing a roof, our team will remove the old shingles, install new tar paper, install new ridge vents and ice shields, install new shingles, and have everything cleaned up and ready to go in no time.




Commercial Roofing

Our team of skilled professionals focuses on problem solving and developing solid customer relationships so that we can deliver the best possible finished product. By keeping informed about the best available roofing products, and maintaining Elite/Master installer status with quality manufacturers, we are able to offer top-of-the-line products with excellent warranty benefits. We take pride in excellent workmanship, ongoing workforce training, and career path development for our employees in order to put the best team to work for our customers. From architectural sheet metal, to single ply and modified built-up roofing, to shingle and slate tile, we have the experience and knowledge to meet a wide range of roofing needs.



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Element Roofing crew begins new GAF roof installation